Hotels in Pozzuoli Italy

Hotels in Pozzuoli Italy

Booking Hotels in Pozzuoli puts you in front of a choice: is it better to book a hotel in Pozzuoli center or choose an accommodation closer to Naples and well connected to Pozzuoli? From Nuvò Hotel, Pozzuoli is reachable in 15 minutes by car or by public transportation.


Many reasons lead Italian and international travelers to book their hotel in Pozzuoli. The city is close to Lake Avernus, a volcanic crater lake, and Cuma, two relevant sites for traditional Greek and Roman mythology. From hotels in Pozzuoli one can quickly reach the shore, enjoying the sight on the Gulf of Naples until the peninsula of Sorrento. As a hotel in Pozzuoli, hotel Nuvò offers a wide range of services for all kind of travelers.


Business travelers staying in our hotel Pozzuoli will enjoy the free wifi connection covering the whole building, the free parking and the possibility of using a gym not far from the hotel. Families who have chosen us among hotels in Pozzuoli Italy will enjoy the proximity to Edenlandia, the Zoo, the City of Science: plenty of options to take your children out for a fun afternoon.


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