Introducing our Staff:

Introducing our staff who are here to welcome you :



Gilda acts as Team leader making sure everyday that all the staff on every floor maintain her high level of service, with an eye to all the small details that make for smooth running of the Hotel.

Her motto is: "A clean room ensures a sound nights sleep". She is a great believer, with reason, that “all communal area are fresh and pleasant giving a good impression".


Head of Reception

Davide is a key figure for our Hotel. His main job is to welcome and assist our clients during their stay.

He recognises and acknowledges their needs, doing his best to make them happy. "I always remind my team that it is through us that people form their first impression. Our smile and appearance that remains in peoples' memories. It is essential to convey our commitment"


Sales Manager

Daniela is responsible for all aspects of marketing regarding the Hotel. She manages contracts with the major Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, She keeps the Web pages up to date, is responsible for Public Relations and communications through our site and social networks as well as relations with the Media.

"My focus relates particularly to making sure clients are offered the best deals. I try and follow them and take note of their feedback on community websites regarding their stay so I can discover where there is room for improvement to help future clients."

Tonio Alterio


He launched this enterprise with his partner Antonello Alterio with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility. They are both firm believers in the potential of the Nuvò and the developing area in the vicinity of the Hotel. Their prority is to provide top quality to their guests and to have a team that work well together with a common goal in mind.

"I am proud to be in charge of a team that share my passion for Hospitality. I have a lot of innovative ideas for the Hotel that I hope to be able to offer to my clients very soon"

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